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The "three a" phased achievements

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The "three a" phased achievements
* : * : admin * : 2013-05-28 * : 59
  Self, to carry out the "three a" special action, since industrial park from "low enterprise promotion project", "six" trilateral work, create "provincial civilized city", the new rural construction, etc., clear focus, refinement goal, promote the "three a" strong work, made phased achievements.

  Old factory reform aspect, through the park inventory and enterprise declare, were compiled to dismantle the transformation area more than 7600 square meters, at present, has successfully demolished transformation of 6800 square meters, including ShiKe company 1800 square meters; Urban village reconstruction, in the village wu was listed in 2013 villages renovation project, has organized the villagers on behalf of the above meeting 10 times, and complete the housing registration, preliminary design plan, the process of making the former renovation resettlement compensation method.